Why Being Born a Half-Polish-Half-Mexican in 1960’s Detroit is some serious shit, man!

Uncle Roque with his pet chicken

Backyard bliss : Uncle Roque and Mr. Chicken

photo courtesy of author

My Dad , Rosendo Mauricio, with the Cocktail glasses I bought him for Father’s Day 1977 (Detroit, MI)

( Can we heal strangers ? Should we ? )

Seeking Peace (photo by Ruben Avilio Mauricio )

The life and times of a 1959 photograph.

Rosendo and Vivienne (1959)

The Power of My Green in a White Economy

The Power of Brown (photo by Ruben Avilio Mauricio )

Ruben Mauricio

My dreams persist, therfore I ponder: writing my first opera, !Respiro!, finding lost relatives in Warsaw,opening my Mexican-Polish bakery in Detroit.

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