(The shape of love and heartbreak in Ward 3 )

Thinking back to my early days in Detroit (photo by author)

“Tell me the story again, Chulo,” MariLena politely beckons. “The day your kite flew over the river and into the sky. Every time you tell me that story, I change the color of the sky, the clouds, the trees . C’mon , Chulo!”

Lena’s pleading now.

Not sure why Lena’s…

“Teddy’s voice : fine lines of silk & sound coming through the radio” (words by RubenAvilio)(photo by LaylaBird/Getty Images)

Just yesterday, my friend, Raja, and I were sipping chilled Falanghina (over ice, fresh orange slices & a sprig of mint) during our weekly virtual Happy Hour. Approaching my third Falanghina spritzer ( don’t forget the dash of Aperol !), conversation swayed into the realm of sex.

Ruben Mauricio

My dreams persist, therfore I ponder: writing my first opera, !Respiro!, finding lost relatives in Warsaw,opening my Mexican-Polish bakery in Detroit.

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