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  • Memati Kaya

    Memati Kaya

    Trader, Coder, Learner, Writer, and Lover | Support my academic life : https://www.buymeacoffee.com/yourstar

  • Brian Davison

    Brian Davison

    Too dead to die.

  • Carlos Goller

    Carlos Goller

    I’m a potato

  • Carole Smith

    Carole Smith

    I’m not always sarcastic. Sometimes, I’m sleeping.

  • Omara Cevik

    Omara Cevik

  • Rainy Day Thoughts

    Rainy Day Thoughts

    A blog about mental health written by a girl trying to figure out this thing we call life.

  • The Learning Story Coach

    The Learning Story Coach

    Helping parents heal trauma & transform their family Learning Story with a quantum leap strategy: Notice. Recognize. Respond. https://www.interactionfocused.com

  • Sandra Model

    Sandra Model

    You can see all my photo sets and videos here: https://gumroad.com/sandraorlow

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